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About Me

Life-long roller skater, coach, and adventure seeker.

My mom says that I have been skating since I could walk. I was clunking around in my brother's skates. When I was around 7 years old we started going to the roller rink on Friday and Saturday nights as a family. Eventually, we started taking lessons and I spent 10 years training and competing as an artistic roller skater - which is basically figure skating on ice, but done on quad roller skates.
I want to bring my passion and knowledge of roller skating to anyone who is excited to put skates on their feet. Whether that is a fun night with friends using my rental skates, or if you want to improve your skills by taking group or private lessons, I would love to share this love of skating with you.
If you would like to have me perform at an event you are hosting, I would love to do that too.  
Get in touch to learn more.